Sunday, August 26, 2018

Last minute departure, back on the East coast

Our last days in Colorado we did some mudding on a strawbale structure and I celebrated my 34th birthday.

We made the decision to leave Colorado early. For a week Matthew's breathing was getting worse due to decreased air quality from the fires. On our way east we stopped in Wisconsin to visit friends and their new baby.

We made it to Massachusetts and are going to look at property in New Hampshire. After spending the summer in Colorado we realized.. we don't actually want to settle there. Our reasons are bad air quality in the summer fires, concerns about the decreasing water, increasing population, and increasing land prices. Colorado is having a huge influx of new residents and the land that is what we want (at least 10 acres with water) is rare and out of our price range. So here we are. we are so grateful for the time we had with Robin to learn from her and realize Colorado wasn't quite right.

taken on our first hike back east

Driving from Colorado to Massachusetts... strengthened our decision to settle in the East. It was such a drastic contrast. The feeling of humidity was actually welcomed. I'm sure some of it is the feeling of home, we grew up here and there is a comfort in being back.

That's all for now. Just because, here is a photo of baby goats lol

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  1. Come to Alaska - land is cheap (I think) and the fire season short ;)