Monday, August 6, 2018

It's been a long time, Update in photos

This will be a glossed over version of the last two months. There is just way too much to tell. Here we go...

We stopped in Arches NP on our way to Colorado. It was pretty cool... as expected a bunch of Arches.

We then spent most of the past two months in Crestone with Robin Blankenship at Earth Knack. The first month we worked with her 6 days a week, the second month only 3 days a week.

outdoor kitchen

outdoor shower

helped build a shelter

during the Earth Knack gathering, we were trying to start a fire with a very large bowdrill

Escaped for a hike to cottonwood lake, the sangres are AMAZING

I made this hat! It's Nalebinding, predates knitting and crochet

Cooking in the Horno

Built these stone steps

Learned to drive horse buggy, That's Trigger, he's the best horse in the world

Indigo dyeing

Building a new tiny home, Straw bale construction

we were in the 4th of July parade

Hand crank ice cream maker

 helped shear 3 alpacas and 1 llama

Visited these fine folks in Steamboat

Free Keller Williams Concert in Steamboat

Saddle rode some mules, that gentlemen at the rear is Ben, great guy

Matthew looking Amish

New friends! Couple on the left in this and next photo are from Denmark

Big day laying foundation on the new tiny house

Bear canning day, with libations
got comfy riding

part of the foundation we layed

Visited friends in Colorado Springs, Tanya is an underwater photographer and when we arrived asked if I'd be up for modeling

Josh is a ham

We had a really fun night

Maybe too much...

 moved in to a tipi for the rest of our time here

 Built a coyote fence

 went to sand dunes national park

 drove the most dangerous 4wd trail in Colorado, stopped before it got really crazy

 hiked a 14er, Blanca peak

 Skinned a roadkill rabbit

 Did a day class with kids from Florida, taught them fire, flint knapping and cordage.. oh and took them for a buggy ride

 Jam day!

Straw bales getting ready to be mudded

We have about another month here then we'll be heading East to get hitched. We've been looking for places to live, as our next adventure is to settle in a place. I'll speak more to that later.

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