Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...

It has been a month since my last post and I was inspired today to write so here I am with an update.  I said my first goodbye today.  It came unexpectedly.  By unexpectedly, I mean that I simply hadn't realized prior to meeting that this was going to be the last time I saw my friend, David, before leaving.  Here's to the first goodbye of many to come that I love and will miss!

There is a countdown in my mind that has begun.  One month to go, with the last one gone by so quickly.  Before you know it I will be posting about our departure.  I have been feeling ready to go, even though I will miss.  I will miss Charlottesville some but mainly I will miss all the people I love.  As the time ticks down I cherish each day and time with coworkers and friends even more.  I have developed, even before these plans, a habit of being conscious and appreciating what is present.  Part of my discussion with David today was about that.  I had a time, a beautiful time with friends that seemed perfect, like we would go on that way joyously forever.  Somehow in the midst of that I recognized it as fleeting, because such is life.  I knew it would not last and in those moments appreciated little details and felt more love and gratitude for the time we had, while we had it.  Now that time has passed, things have changed and continue to do so... and I look back fondly at those times, the times I have now and expectantly for what is to come.

Our apartment is now furnished with a dining room table, a few chairs and a mattress on the floor to sleep on.  It's feeling pretty open in here and I have to admit I really like it.  I have always liked open space.  I anticipate my future in the outdoors will suite me well.  We have most of 'the things' done for our departure.  My to-do list is short and we have been taking advantage of free days to enjoy this area.  This past weekend we did some outdoor rock climbing in Harrisonburg Saturday, an 8 mile trail run Sunday and topped it off by watching the Princess Bride.  I anticipate the next month will fly by as we finish our to-do's and say our goodbyes.  Then I will post about fun and interesting things instead of sad musings about leaving!