Wednesday, October 11, 2017

An update in pictures. Wisconsin to Red River Gorge

 Mustard museum in WI

 Lyndsey and Josiah!

Getting very questionable water in Indiana

 Entrance to Mammoth cave

First large room in the cave 

Just a cool profile shot of Matthew 


"Fat mans misery"

 making our way through this claustrophobic section of cave 

 Climbing at red river gorge

 Checking out a climb

Arches of Kentucky!

 Princess arch, yes that is me lounging 

 One of many very cool rock shelters in KY

 more climbing

Random adorable dog in the parking lot of a not so great grocery store in rural KY

 Got lucky, we were at the Red in time for this event

Ok, that's all you get. I had a death in the family and heading out for the funeral tomorrow. I'll pick up on our adventures again in a few weeks. Plan is to climb at New River Gorge in WV when I get back. Currently in NOVA, spent a few days with Matthews wonderful Brother and his husband. Conveniently they live near Dulles where I am flying out of tomorrow.