Friday, January 29, 2021

Landed Gentry Oct/Nov/Dec 2020

Going to sum up 3 months for this post to round out the year. We started October with a nice hike at Lake Elmore. We wanted to hike somewhere new, but also avoid crowds and it worked out well. It was a gorgeous weekend.

On October 6th we celebrated our 2 years wedding anniversary... this is actually a few days later because we completely forgot about it lol Thanks to a reminder from a dear friend we ended up celebrating it! Been distracted I guess.

I think it was around the 15th that I flew out to VA to visit my family. I decided I would not travel during the holidays... I thought it would be safer to try visiting in October. I got tested, quarantined and was all clear after the trip. This took up most of the month.. and it was worth it.

I allowed Tati to play with my moms makeup on me... it kept getting thicker lol

My pumpkin creation!

getting the fire ready

s'more making

Quarantined and spent the last day of the month working on the land... well documenting Matthew working. We wanted to clear some brush in the lower field and along the road with our fancy new brush hog. We waited until most of the lovely field flowers and plants went dormant. Here's a video of that and me talking about our midden heap.

November, I don't know what I did. I know it snowed and I was up on the land.. maybe cutting trees? I didn't document it, so I don't know. When I do these posts I look back at photos to see what we were up to. Anyway this will be a short summary, we did stuff and went to the in-laws for thanksgiving.

First snow of the season

This will be part of our view once the house is built, house going to be in the woods to the right of this photo

Took care of the neighbors cat while he was away

Thanksgiving time, hiking with in-law dogs, Mokey and Gobo.

another day hike with Eric

The dogs were busy running around so didn't get them this time.

On to December! We had a failed experiment trying to get the water going. There is an artisan well that flows once you get it going but will eventually stop with long periods of not being used. I didn't document it but probably some time in Nov we tried filling a hose with water and attaching it to the lower pipe to see if we could get a siphon going, no luck. This was our second attempt to get it going, this time with a pump. Here's my first time getting Matthew to talk on a video!

I took these photos the same day, must be from working in Nov, we started to clear the build site...

You can see we have two piles so far of trees.

Did some more work on clearing on a snowy day...

Our last attempt of the year to get the well water flowing... spoiler alert: we failed.

Our first Christmas tree! And first time spending a holiday at home. I cut this tree myself on the land.

snow started to stick around, this was from a hike at North Branch, it's a short drive from our apartment.

Added this as a reminder to mention my staying warm game is on another level! It's all about layers and every type of wool you can get your hands on lol I have yak wool tights, alpaca sweaters, merino sweaters, cashmere... and what's shown here, rabbit fur hat, silk scarf, down coat. I usually just wear wool layers with a water proof shell for working, then put on the down coat to sit and take a lunch break.

Big reveal here... Matthew let me cut his hair (first time in 20 years) a Christmas miracle! 


After! He even looks happier lol Probably from all the weight lifted off his shoulder, ha!

Spent new years eve working on clearing some more trees on the build site.

That's it for 2020! Now it's a countdown to do our part to prep the land and be ready for the house in mid summer. Right now the plan is for Unity to deliver the parts in July/August time frame.