Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Slow and steady...

 November has been siding month. It's been going pretty slow. Part of it is the weather, some of it is the shorter days and some of it is probably burn out.. but not willing to fully admit that to myself because there's too much to do!! That's healthy right? So here are photos of us working on siding!

I spend a lot of time on top of the staging

Matthew does the cutting

This is how you straighten out a warped board

Ok, the next three photos is just to show how good Matthew is at this, which is crazy because he has never done this before.


drawing out the cut

beautiful result! 

This was after he cut the bottom of the siding boards. We have been putting them up, making sure they are long enough to later cut at once so it looks even.

I also finished the drain side of the plumbing! Haven't glued it yet, but dude, I did all of this by myself! We'll see if I did it right once we start installing sinks and such lol

This shows the outlet to the septic tank and the drain from the main stack, that the future sink and toilet are attached to

the pipe comes around and meets with the secondary stack that is connected to the future tub and dishwasher

it then runs over to our future kitchen sink, which will be vented with an AVD (automatic venting device)

location of future dishwasher, secondary stack

this shows the secondary stack (right) being connected to the primary stack

Oh, right, I also built a deck.. ok, no. I built the floor of the deck. I did that alone as well so proud of that. I did have Matthew do the final cut along the sides because he has more practice with it. I almost did it myself but wanted to be sure it would look good.

using a jigsaw to cut out for around the posts

using a bowrench(love it tool!) for bending the boards straight. This was the only way I was going to be able to do this alone.

Doing it in the cold and snow

My part done

After Matthews cut, so excited about the porch, it's my favorite part of the house.

And more siding

corner done, took a day! It was tricky for several reasons

sketchy you say?

wasn't thrilled but it went well, felt secure when I was on it.

That's all I have for November, we are headed to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and finally getting more than an single day break. Looking forward to resting my body and mind so I can get back to working in freezing temps to, hopefully, finish the siding before serious snow hits!

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  1. Absolutely love it! You guys are really nailing it, no pun intended! So cool to see!